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Department of History

About us

Under-Graduate course started in the year-1965AD.The Post-graduation under self-finance scheme is started in the 2005AD. The Number of Permanent Teacher sanctioned in the department is 01. In present the department having one permanent faculty and 02 visiting faculty.  We do admission as per HNB Garhwal (Central) University norms.The Student of lower and middle sections as well as urban areas take admission in the department. The good number of other state student also take admission in the department (H.P,J&K,U.P,North East) especially in Post-Graduation. The classes are taken in Hindi medium and English medium because we have student from reputed English medium background as well from the normal Hindi background. We also get admission of the student from purely rural backgrounds that are good in their studies but having poor English background. The department of history is gradually developing its learning resources. It has:-

  • Having small  but good departmental library
  • Historical maps to make the student clear about the regime of various dynasties.
  • Atlas
  • Material downloaded from internet.
  • Internet facility
  • Article of magazines and Newspapers

The Present Dr M.S Gusain is working as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department having M.A in Ancient History and UGC/NET, Ph.D,LL.B . Dr.D.D.Semwal,M.A,Ph.D ,USLET and  Mr. Balbir Chauhan, M.A,USLET is working as a visiting faculty. The department got recognisition as research center from 2012 onwards and in present- 03 research scholars is enrolled under Dr M.S.Gusain. The department is always part of various activity of the college. The Post-graduation result from the year of establishment (2005) is always 100% as well as the student are holding the top five position of the University ranking.

Future prospects of the Department of History

§  To well equip the department.

§  To establish ‘Guidance Cell’ to prepare and motivate student towards the open competition.

§  Invite subject expert for guest lecture.

§   to collect resources for quality research work.

§   to establish a Art Gallery

§  To contribute in making the good citizen of the nation so that we can pride on our department and InstitutionDepartment of History


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