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The Masters Programme in Social Work in SGRR (PG) College is aimed at producing high quality professionals who will be inculcate with leadership qualities in different fields of Social Work in development, health, Welfare Sector.

MSW gives numerous opportunities for the holistic development of students. Students are trained and polished to grow into professions, confidence, decision making and rigorous filed work practice makes them knowledgeable about skills, methods and tools of social worker.

2 years regular programme of masters of Social Work (4 Semesters) aims at development within students professionally mainly focusing:
Systematic Understanding about the dynamics of Social problems and issues in Indian Context

Developing ability to look critically at the structure and ideologies, this leads to exclusion and marginalization of people in distress
Developing ability to apply social work skills in practice and social work research in different fields for achieving desirable change and empowering clients
Developing ability to look critically at the structure and ideologies to help marginalized people

Inculcating principles and values necessary for clients and organizations (Government and non– government) focusing on goals and achieving them professionally.
Founded in 2009, our school history demonstrates how our unique and innovative programs make us a premier choice for the study of social work. The Admissions section of our website offers information about social work department for MSW students. If you'd like to know more than just the facts, we invite you to visit us.

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