Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)

The strength of the innovation infrastructure of a nation has enormous significance in the competition among emerging knowledge economies. The realization of Vision 2020 calls for action and a well designed innovation infrastructure.

Generation and nurturing of a human talent pool capable of utilizing and developing first principles in science is both a pre-condition and integral part of such an innovation infrastructure. An India specific model for attracting talent with an aptitude for research and innovation, for a career in Basic & Natural sciences is required. INSPIRE is an innovative programme developed by the the Department of Science & Technology.The basic objective of INSPIRE is to communicate to the youth of the country the excitement and study of science at an early age, and to help the country build the required critical resource pool for strengthening and expanding the S&T system and R&D base. It is a programme with long term foresight.

INSPIRE has three components:

  1. Scheme for Early Attraction of Talent (SEATS)
  2. Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE)
  3. Assured Opportunity for Research Careers (AORC)

Scholarship for Higher Education

Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) aims at attracting talented youth into undertaking higher education in science intensive programmes, by providing scholarships and mentoring through 'summer attachment' to performing researchers. The scheme offers 10,000 scholarships every year @ Rs 0.80 lakh per year to talented youth in the age group 17-22 years, for undertaking Bachelor and Masters level education in Natural and Basic sciences.

However, the 18 Science subject such as (1) Physics, (2) Chemistry, (3) Mathematics, (4) Biology, (5) Statistics, (6) Geology, (7) Astrophysics, (8) Astronomy, (9) Electronics, (10) Botany, (11) Zoology, (12) Bio-chemistry, (13) Anthropology, (14) Microbiology, (15) Geophysics, (16) Geochemistry, (17) Atmospheric Sciences and (18) Oceanic Sciences, either as major/honours or their combination in BSc/Integrated MSc/Integrated MS course will be under the scope of INSPIRE Scholarship. The main feature of the scheme is mentorship support being planned for every scholar through INSPIRE scholarship.
In our college there is separate cell for mentoring INSPIRE students. WE have more than 150 students getting INSPIRE scholarship. The cell is coordinated by our faculty members. We have INSPIRE club of students getting INSPIRE Scholarship. We keep track of our student’s progress and achievements, setting milestones and acknowledge accomplishments. We encourage students to try new techniques to expand their skills and discuss their ideas even those they fear might seem naive or unworkable.

INSPIRE Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) List of Students

S.No Name Father Name
1. Dhiraj Kuniyal Prakash Chandra Kuniyal
2. IBS Sanatan Shiv Prasad Kandpal
3. Nisha Aswal Sobat Singh Aswal
4. Neha Kunwar Singh Rawat
5. Sapna Kalpeshwar Shukla
6. Achala Shiv Singh Rana
7. Akhilesh Nautiyal Manoj Prasad Nautiyal
8. Nitin Negi Rajendra Singh Negi
9. Nitin Rana Abtar Singh Rana
10. Ashish Payal Likhawar Singh
11. Mohit Godiyal Data ram Godiyal
12. Manoj Bhatt Umesh Chandra Bhatt
13. Harshit Jaiswal Dinesh Jaiswal
14. Abhishek BHandari Karm Singh Bhandari
15. Pankaj Singh Pushkar Singh
16. Narendra Singh chauhan Ratan Singh
17. Neetu Saini Surendra Singh Saini
18. Arti Vishal Mani Dimri
19. Kiran Kuldeep Ghansala
20. Shruti Semwal Virendra Prasad Semwal
21. Abhishek Semwal Bharoshe Dutt Semwal
22. Himanshu Bhadri Keshva Nand Bhadri
23. Praveen Singh Rauthan Krishan Chandra Rauthan
24. Prakash Chandra Semwal Chandra Ballabh Semwal
25. Krishna Bharat Singh
26. Nitin Negi Rajendra Singh Chamoli
27. Rajesh Semwal Rajendra Semwal
28. Nidhi Jayendra Singh Bhandari
29. Ashish Bijalwan Surendra Dutt Bijalwan
30. Sumit Chauhan Kamal Singh Chauhan
31. Abhinav Kimothi Deep Prakash Kimothi
32. Roshani Airy Jagdish Singh Airy
33. Abhishek Rawat Prem Singh Rawat
34. Vishal Bandhani Vijay Prasad Bandhani
35. Lalshman Kumar Satendra Sahni
36. Vibhooti Rautela Dhripal Singh Rautela
37. Rajesh Semwal Rajendra Semwal
38. Apurva Shreshtha Raj Kumar
39. Sonali Devendra Kumar Negi
40. Nitin Tiwari Keshav Tiwari
41. Sadiya Mariyam Shahnawaz Ahmad
42. Mukesh Singh Rawat Surendra Singh Rawat
43. Surabhi Chauhan Virendra Singh
44. Sonam Semwal Bhawani Prasad
45. Anjali Singwal Anand Singh Singwal
46. Chandani Rawt Tej Singh Rawat
47. Alok Bhandari Vinod Bhandari
48. Himanshu Kothiyal Pitamber Dutt Kothiyal
49. Nishkant Malkoti Prem Dutt
50. Dhanraj Singh Negi Dev Singh Negi
51. RamPrakash Singh Yadav RamSurat Singh Yadav
52. Rashmi Rawat Prem Singh Rawat
53. Preavesh Negi Pritam negi
54. Gaurav Singh Padiyar Upendra SIngh
55. Abhishek Singh Negi Diwan Singh Negi
56. Arvind Kumar Saklani Kailash Chandra Saklani
57. Bhagwat Singh Chauhan Khuman Singh
58. Dileep Panwar Janak Panwar
59. Nitin Madhwal Umesh Chand Madhwal
60. Himanshu Grish Chand
61. Ankit Dhuliya Rewat Ram Dhuliya
62. Drishtant Bisht Sadho Singh Bisht
63. Sanjay Pal Rana Rukam Singh Rana
64. Pradeep Singh Bisht Bachan Singh Bisht
65. Shubhi Agarwal Puneet Agarwal
66. Abhishek Raturi Atmaram Raturi
67. Sheeba Parveen Shahnawaz Ahmad
68. Anjali Rawat Digpal Singh Rawat
69. Priya Bal Govind Yadav
70. Akanksha Anil Kumar Pandey
71. Uday Pratap Rana Bishan Singh Rana
72. Amit Singh Adhikari Dhan Singh Adhikari
73. Aditi Nautiyal Mohan Prasad nautiyal
74. Alis Brave Alexender
75. Garima Shukla Vijendra Shukla
76. Anita Bisht Prakash Singh Bisht
77. Ayush Sharma Vinod Kumar Sharma
78. Ayush Garg Adesh Kumar Garg
79. Guuri Gupta Jagdish Chandra
80. Sandeep Tomar Mahender Singh
81. Dharmendra Kumar Lalit Bajpai
82. Ankit Rawat Pradeep Singh Rawat
83. Ravi Singh Shyamveer Singh
84. Hemraj Pal Vardan Singh Pal
85. Ganesh chauhan Sunder Singh chauhan
86. Sonali Dhaundiyal Yatish Dhaundiyal
87. Akhilesh Singh Prem Singh
88. Sajendra Singh Bharat Singh
89. Dheerendra Singh Bhandari Jangbeer Singh Bhandari
90. Neetu Ajay Shah
91. Anjali Nautiyal Ambika Prasad Nautiyal
92. Karishma Rawat Shekhar Singh Rawat
93. Shikha Nautiyal Sudhir Nautiyal
94. Priyanka Kabul Chandra Rawat
95. Priyanka Dhasmana Dinesh Chandra Dhasmana
96. Akanshu Chauhan Jitendra Pal Singh
97. Anuj Kumar Garg Harish Kumar Garg
98. Mohit Amoli Jaidev Amoli
99. Aayasha Negi Jagmohan Singh Negi
100. Arpit Gaur Vipin Kumar
101. Sunita Prithvi Bahadur Mal
102. Prashnsa Raghuvanshi Ishwar Chandra Raghuvanshi
103. Pranav Tripathi Umesh Kumar Tripathi
104. Afsana Asraf
105. Yogeshwari Satya Singh
106. Kameshwar Prasad Daulat Ram
107. Ruchi Suresh Chandra
108. Sangeeta Negi Mohan Singh Negi
109. Sain Singh Mangal Singh
110. Nidhi Praveen Kumar Naithani
111. Vibha Tripathi Ravibhushan Tripathi
112. Sanjay Kumar Ishwar Singh
113. Shubham Singh Chuhan Prem Singh Chauhan
114. Suraj Singh Govind Singh
115. Atul Kumar Dharma Pal Singh
116. Ved Prakash Joshi Indramani Joshi
117. Naveen Singh Chauhan Rukam Singh Chauhan
118. Susheel Chauhan Vijay Ram Singh Chauhan
119. Aashutosh Negi Devendra Kumar Negi
120. Manmohan Singh Khuman Singh Chauhan
121. Raghuvindra Posti Virendra Posti
122. Rahul Rana Sai Ram Rana
123. Nitesh Dimri Jai Prakash Dimri
124. Shubhm Chamola Omprakash Chamola
125. Yogeshwari Satya Singh
126. Vikas Singh Bhandari K. S. Bhandari
127. Manbeer Singh Panwar Bachan Singh panwar
128. Nain Singh Uniyal Nathi Lal Uniyal
129. Priyanka Negi Kundan Singh Negi
130. Jyoti Chauhan Ram Ashray Singh
131. Dolly Chauhan Digvijay Singh
132. Manisha Chauhan Girendra Singh
133. Manisha Singh Govind Kumar
134. Amit Adhikari Dhan Singh Adhikari
135. Sushmita Dwivedi Ram prakash
136. Inderjeet Chauhan Kamla Singh Chauhan
137. Ashish Rana Pyar Singh Rana
138. Ankit Prohit V.P. Prohit
139. Aaisha Iqbal Ahmad
140. Akanksha A.K. Pandey
141. Garima Shukla Vijendra Shukla
142. Ganesh chauhan Sunder Singh chauhan
143. Vikash Nautiyal Ramesh Chandra Nautiyal
144. RAvneet Singh Yogendra Singh
145. Sharadha Bijalwan Prabhat Bijalwan
146. Tanuja Kalyan Singh Rawat
147. Ajay Singh Layak Ram Panwar
148. Smiti Kandari Jagdish Signh Kandari
149. Anjali Sati Ramesh Prasad Sati
150. Nidhi Saini Rakam Singh
151. Anjali Saini Rakam Singh
152. Ayesha Parveen Ayyub Hasan

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