Capt. Pradip Singh NCC Officer

National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.) Report 2012-2013

3/29 UK Bn. NCC is a mixed company providing NCC training to the students from the college. During the session 2012-2013 a total of 103 cadets were enrolled in the sub unity which included 33 SW (Girls) and 100 SD (Boys) cadets. The entire institutional and related training, during the session, was carried out with utmost satisfaction of the participants and other stake holders. Ceremonial parades were organized in the college by the company, on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations. Visiting dignitaries were provided Guard of honor and they inspected the impressive parade performed by the cadets on such occasions. Cadets actively participated in Blood Donation and other social welfare programs conducted by the NCC unit.

The major highlights and achievements of the NCC sub unit of the college, in the arena of Camp Participation and non institutional training, during the year under review are as under:

  1. Republic Day Camp, Delhi Cantt.: A total of 07 cadets ( 05 SD and 02 SW) viz., Cdt. Akhilesh Kothari, Cdt. Nilanshu Pandey, Cdt. Bharat Singh, Cdt. Jagmohan Rana, Cdt. Himanshu Dobhal, Cdt. Pratibha Topal, and Cdt. Sangeeta Negi participated in this coveted camp. They brought glory to the institution on being selected for this highest level National camp in the country. At this RDCCdt. Nilanshu Pandey and Cdt. Pratibha Topal were selected in the squad to provide Guard of Honor to our honorable Prime Minister on the occasion of PM Rally.
  2. Thal Sena Camp (TSC), Delhi Cantt.: A total of 07 cadets ( 03 SD and 04 SW) attended this camp. This team of college cadets included cdt. Saurabh Kadiyan, cdt. Atul Bhandari, Cdt. Yogendra Mehta, Cdt. Aditya Raturi, Cdt. Soniya Rawat, Cdt. Soniya Rani and Sgt. Swati Nautiyal. They bagged several awards at various National Level Competitions held there.
  3. National Integration Camp, Delhi Cantt.: 10 SD cadets of the college sub unit participated in This camp. Here our Directorate was awarded 1 Prize in Drill competition. The drill contingent was commanded by our cadet UO Gaurav. Sgt. Pawan Singh and UO Gaurav were detailed to have a Lunch with DG NCC, at this camp.
  4. Nati,onal Integration Camp, WWR at Uttarakhand Dte.: 05 SD cadets and the college AN0 were selected by our NCC Directorate, for attending the camp. The team performed very well and the Directorate bagged the First Runners Up trophy there. Here UO Gaurav and cdt. Kartik Rohilla from the college won Gold Medals for their best Piloting Skills.
  5. National Integration Camp, PM Rally: Ten (10) cadets of our college were selected for this Camp. They obtained II prize in the National Quiz Competition held there.
  6. National lntegration Camp, Trikkling: 17 cadets from our college participated in this camp. They walked over 150 Kms during this trek. The cadets from the institution made their presence felt at that camp through their good performance at various activities/competitions held there.
  7. Army Attachment Camp: 13 SD cadets of our college were selected to by attached with the 15th Battalion of Mahar Regiment of 15 days. There they underwent training with the personals of the regular Army.
  8. Combined Annual training camps (CATCs),Anarwal Cantt., Dehradun: Most of the cadets from the college's NCC sub unit participated in these camps and achieved several laurels for the institution. Our cadets performed remarkably well at several competitions held there. They got may I Prizes for drill competitions, II prize in Line layout and Ill Prize for cultural activities, Gold and silver medals for various army related exercises e.g., Judging Distance, Field Signals etc. UO Niyati Tewari and Cadet Prashant Bharadwaj bagged the Best cadet Award at one of these camps while Cadet Aditya Raturi was judged the best firer. The SW contingement of hte college received first prize in thegroup dance competition for their impressive performance of 'Gidda'
  9. Red Ribbon Express: 10SD Cadets from the college along with others were detailed for the briefing this train's exhibition under the command of our college ANO. The Team won four mementoes for their excellent skills and discipline
  10. College RD Parade: Following cadets were awarded for their performance at this college event:
        1. UO Gaurav, Paradecommander      Best Cadet - SD
        2. UO Niyati Tewari                           Best Cadet - SW
        3. UO Hari Bahadur                           Excellent Managing Skills
        4. Cdt Nilanshu Pandey                     Best Achiever- SD
        5. Cdt PratibhaTopal                          Best Achiever - SW
  11. Youth Exchange Programme' 2013: Cdt. Nilanshu Pandey has been selected to visit Vietnam along with the Indian NCCC Contingent to this country. This is really a turning stone in the NCC history of our college.

Capt. Pradip Singh
lncharge NCC
Head, Dept. of Geology

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