Rover and ranger unit

Rover/Ranger is the higher wing of Bharat Scout and guide. This is a youth movement .Rovers/Rangers will get varied opportunities to develop individually and also develop in group. Here you will also get encouragement and will know "Yourself". You will discover really who you are as a person. This will help you to lead a happy life. Its programmes are very helpful in disaster management. The movement has power to change the attitude of our youth and ability to make them able to handle every kind of situations.

Registered on 20/10/2009
Registered unit : 02
Rangers : 01(Shivlik rangers Unit)
Rovers : 01 (Himalyan rovers cru)

Dr. M.S. Gusain In-Charge
Dr Suresh Pachori Associate
Dr Jyoti pandey Associate
Mr Lakhpat Butola Helper


  1. Participated in 7th Provincial Rover and Ranger Samagama.
    Venue: Jaiharikhal (Lansdowne)
    Rover participated : 11
    Dated : 28-31 oct 2009
    1. First Prize in Colour Party
    2. Second in Speech competition
  2. Basic Camp . Venue: Sheetlakhet (Almora) year 2010
    Rover participated : 04
  3. One day Plantation camp
    Rovers: 7
    Dated :22/8/2012
  4. 9th Provincial Rover and Ranger Samagama.
    Venue: DSVV,Shantikunj,Hardwar
    Rover participated : 06
    Dated : 23-26 Nov2012
    1. First Prize in Eassy
    2. Second in Poster competition
  5. Pnchmarhi Mahotsava Service Camp,25-31 DEC,2012
    Vanue: Pnchmarhi (M.P)
    Participated: 02 Rovers
  6. IIend Scout/Guide Rally 8-13,January,2013
    8-rovers &8-Rangers helped in successful organization of rally
  7. National Advnture Prgramme-289, 27Sep-3Oct,2013
    Vanue: Pnchmarhi (M.P)
    Participated: 02 Rovers
  8. 10th Provincial Rover and Ranger Samagama .28Nov-3Dec,2013 Organsied by: SGRR(PG)College ,Dehradun
    Rover participated: 12, Rangers: 13
    29 colleges of Uttarakhand, 450 Rovers/Rangers
    Prizes sponsored by:
    • SBI,Saharanpur Road,Dehradun
    • Bhatt Brothers,Dehradun
    • SJ Comunication,Capri,Dehradun
    • Gager Restourant,Kargi Chouk,Dehradun
    Note: The Samagama first time held in Dehradun city. Hence SGRR(PG) College,Dehradun Started Sri Guru Ram Rai Running Championship for Rovers and Rangers.
  9. The First Sri Guru Ram Rai Running Championship(Rovers/Rangers): MB(PG)College,Haldwani
  10. Workshop of “Swachh Bharat Sunder Bharat” dated 21-25 Nov,2014
    Participated: 5-Rangers/4-Rovers
  11. 25-Rover/Ranger participated in Biokthon 2014 to save environment organized by i-Next
  12. 11-Rover/Ranger participated Nipun/Praveen camp, Shantikunj Haridwar,12-16 Dec-2014
  13. Dr M.S,Gusain-sucessfully completed Rover Leader course, NTC, Pnachamarhi 1-7 may 2015
  14. 2-Rover/Ranger participated in National Level Desssert Camp,Badmer(Raj),3-7January-2015
  15. 3-Rover/Ranger participated in Youth Week Clebration Camp,Gadpuri Harayana,3-7January-2015
  16. 25-Rover/Ranger participated in Biokthon 2015 to save environment organized by i-Next
  17. 2-Rover/Ranger participated in 18th International Adventure Programme 2-8Feb-2015 ,Pnachamarhi
  18. 10 -Rover/Ranger participated in 12th Pradeshik samagama, Kashipur,12-16 Feb-2015

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