Women Studies Centre

Dr. Madhu D. Singh Project Co-ordinator
Dr. V.S. Rawat Associate Co-ordinator
Ms. Madhu Misra Documentation Officer

About Us

Women’s Studies Centre ( a Project sponsored by UGC ) has been functioning in the college since October 2010. Since then it has organized several programs such as organizing conferences on women related issues, training programs in entrepreneurship, documentation of news clippings, articles related to women’s achievements and challenges in different areas such as Education, Administration ,Entrepreneurship, Law, Media, Science and Technology, Sports, Health, Politics ,Culture and Fine Arts etc. The Centre is engaged in research on Uttarakhand women writers. It has translated the Garhwali and Kumaoni poems of women writers of Uttarakhand into Hindi as well as English and published them under the title Triveni. The Centre has also published a book titled Women in 21st Century : Challenges and Opportunities.

The Centre also publishes a bi- annual Newsletter Shaktiroopa
Our Team
Chairperson: Prof V A Bourai Principal
Project Co ordinator: Dr Madhu D Singh
Associate Co ordinator: Dr V S Rawat
Documentation Officer: Madhu Misra


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