1. Dean Students Welfare Dr. A.K. Gupta 9817894998
2. Students Union Maj. Pradip Singh In-Charge 9411580741
Dr. M.S. Gusain Associate
3. Proctorial Board Dr. Sandeep Negi Chief Proctor 7060080003
Dr. Rakesh Doundiyal Proctor
Dr. H.V. Pant Proctor
Dr. V.S. Rawat Proctor
Dr. M.S. Gusain Proctor
Dr. S.K. Padiliya Proctor
Dr. A.P. Singh Proctor
Dr. M.K. Purohit Proctor
Dr. A. S. Rana Proctor
Dr. Deepali Singhal Proctor
Dr. H.C. Joshi Proctor
4. Sports Council of the college Prof. V.A. Bourai Patron
Dr. H.C. Joshi Deptt.of Chemistry Sec. Games & Sports 9411070539
Dr. Raj Bahadur Deptt.of Economic Team I/C Hand Ball
Dr. H.V. Pant Deptt.of Chemistry Team I/C Table Tennis
Dr. S.K. Padaliya Deptt.of Maths Team I/C Hockey
Dr. M.K. Purohit Deptt. of Zoology Team I/C Kho-Kho
Dr. Rakesh Dhoundiyal Deptt.of Chemistry Team I/C Football
Dr. Sandeep Negi Deptt.of Chemistry Team I/C Cricket
Dr. M.S. Gusain Deptt.of History Team I/C Basketball
Dr. V. S. Rawat Deptt.of Economic Team I/C Badminton
Dr. A. S. Rana Deptt.of Physics Team I/C Kabaddi
Dr. A.P. Singh Deptt.of Maths Team I/C Base Ball
Ms. Sweta Singh Deptt.of Zoology Associate Girls Sports
5. Time Table Committee Dr. A.K. Gupta In-charge 9837894998
Dr. Madhu D. Singh Associate
Dr. Rakesh Dhaundiyal Associate
Dr. H.V. Pant Associate
Dr. Poonam Sharma Associate
Dr. V. S. Rawat Associate
6. Building Committe Prof. V. A. Bourai Patron
Prof. A. R. Nautiyal University Representative
Dr. A.K. Gupta Teacher Representative
Dr. Sandeep Negi Department of Chemistry
Dr. Madhu D. Singh Department of English
Dr. V.S. Rawat Department of Economics
Dr. U.C. Mainali Department of Geology
Mr. R.R. Agarwal Architect
Mr. C.P. Thapliyal Office Superintendent
Mr. B.S. Bisht P.S. to Principal
7. Woman Cell for Combating Sexual Harassment Dr. Madhu D. Singh In Charge 9410770428
Dr. Aruna R. Mittal Member
Dr. Deepali Singhal Member
Dr. Anuradha Verma Member
Dr. U.C. Mainali Member
8. Grievances Redressal Cell Teaching Non-Teaching Student
Prof.V.A. Bourai Prof.V.A. Bourai Prof.V.A. Bourai
Dr. A.K. Gupta Dr. A.K. Gupta Dr. A.K. Gupta
Dr Madhu D. Singh Dr. M.K. Purohit Dr. Sandeep Negi
Dr. Poonam Sharma Sh. C.P. Thapliyal Dr. H.C. Joshi
Dr. M.K. Purohit Sh. B.S. Bisht Student Repr. (Boy)
Student Repr. (Girl)
9. Internal Quality Assurance Cell Prof. V.A. Bourai Chairperson
Dr. S.K. Padaliya Coordinator
Dr. Anupam Sanny Secretary
Dr. V.S. Rawat Member
Dr. M.S. Gusainh Member
Dr. A.P. Singh Member
Dr. Sandeep Negi Member
Dr. M. K. Purohit Member
Dr. Raj Bahadur Member
Dr. A.K. Saxena Member
10. Women's Studies Centre Dr. Madhu D. Singh Project Co-ordinator
Dr. V.S. Rawat Associate Co-ordinator
11. Uttarakhand Open University Dr. Sandeep Negi Regional Director 9412031183
12. U.O.U. Study Centre Dr. H.V. Pant Co-ordinator 9760696596
13. N.T.S. Dr. A.K. Gupta Co-ordinator
14. Campus Development Committee Dr. A.K. Gupta In-Charge
Dr. V.S. Rawat Associate
Dr. H.C. Joshi Associate
Dr. Deepali Singhal Associate
15. Library Committee Dr. A.K. Gupta In-Charge
Dr. M.K. Purohit Secretary
Dr. Aruna Rani Mittal Associate
Dr. V.S. Rawat Associate
Dr. Rakesh Dhoundiyal Associate
Mr. K.A.S. Chauhan Associate
16. Medical Facilities Dr. M.K. Purohit In-Charge
Dr. Poonam Sharma Associate
17. NCC (Boys & Girls) Maj. Pradip Singh NCC Officer
18. Examination Cell Dr. R. Dhoundiyal Controller Exam
Dr. Raj Bahadur Deputy Controller Exam
19. Fee Concession & SAF Committee Dr. Madhu D. Singh In-Charge
Dr. Sweta Singh Associate
20. ICT Cell Mr. A.P. Singh In-Charge
Dr. Anand Kumar Associate
21. Career Guidance/Placement Cell Dr. V.S. Rawat In-Charge
Dr. Deepali Singhal Associate
Dr. H.V. Pant Associate
Dr. Vivek kumar Associate
22. Research Advisory Committee Prof. V.A. Bourai Chairperson
Dr. Madhu D. Singh Co-Chairperson
Dr. U.C. Mainali Member Secretary 9410770428
Dr. A.K. Gupta Member
Dr. Raj Bahadur Member
Dr. Sandeep Negi Member
Dr. Arvind Nautiyal Member
23. Alumni Association Cell Dr. A.P. Singh In-Charge
Dr. H.C. Joshi Associate
24. Parents Teacher Association Cell Dr. M.S. Gusain Secretary
25. Magazine Committee Dr. Sumangal Singh Editor
Dr. Anupam Sanny Co-Editor
Dr. H.V. Pant Member
Dr. S.K. Padaliya Member
Dr. M.K. Purohit Member
Dr. Anand Singh Rana Member
26. Rangers & Rovers Dr. M.S. Gusain In-Charge 9412962142
Mrs. Anita Manori Associate
27. N.S.S. Dr. M.K. Purohit Boys Unit 8279422963
Dr. Anuradha Verma Girls Unit 9412001600
Mr. Manoj Baloni Boys Unit 9719447003
28. Anti Ragging Cell Dr. A.K. Gupta Incharge 9837894998
Dr. Madhu D. Singh Member 9410770428
Maj. Pradip Singh Member 9411580741
Dr. Poonam Sharma Member 9412001600
Dr. M.S Gusain Member 9412962142
Dr. H.V. Pant Member 9760696596
Dr. V.S. Rawat Member 9997200934
Dr. Sandeep Negi Member 9412031183
Dr. S.K. Padaliya Member 9412980714
Dr. R. Dhaundiyal Member 9997468467
Dr. Vivek kumar Member 8279881378
29. RTI Cell Mr. H.P. Bhatt Appellate Officer
Prof. V.A. Bourai Public Information Officer
Dr. S.K. Padaliya Astt. Public Information Officer
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Addl.Astt.Public Inform.Officer
30. Anti Tobacco Cell Dr. S.K. Padaliya In-charge
Dr. H.C. Joshi Associate
31. DST-INSPIRE Club Dr. Sandeep Negi In-charge 9412031183
Dr. R. Dhoundiyal Associate
32. College Website Dr. A.P. Singh In-charge 9456358981
33. Cultural & Education Society Dr. Sumangal Singh Incharge 9458906272
Dr. Anuradha Verma Member
Dr. Deepali Singhal Member
Dr. Vivek Kumar Member
Dr. Mahesh Kumar Singh Member
Dr. Anita Maliyan Member
Dr. Jyoti Pandey Member
34. Prospectus Committee Dr. A.K. Gupta Incharge
Dr. Madhu D. Singh Member
Dr. Aruna Rani Mittal Member
Dr. R. Dhoundiyal Member
35. Planning Board Committee Dr. S.K. Padaliya Incharge
Dr. V.S. Rawat Member
Dr. M.S. Gusain Member
Dr. H.V. Pant Member
Dr. A.P. Singh Member
Dr. Sandeep Negi Member
Dr. Anupam Sanny Member
36. UGC Cell Dr. V.S. Rawat Incharge
Dr. R. Dhoundiyal Member
Dr. Sandeep Negi Member
Dr. Shyamveer Singh Member
37. Remedial Classes Dr. H.C. Joshi Incharge 9411070539
38. Service Entrance Exam Classes Dr. R. Dhoundiyal Incharge 9997468467
39. NET/SLET Coaching Dr. V.S. Rawat Incharge 9997200934

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