From The Principal's Desk


Welcome to SGRR( PG) College, Dehradun!

Established in 1960 by  the great educationist and visionary Brhahmaleen  Shrimahant    Indiresh Charan Dass ji Maharaj  to enable the poor meritorious students of society to realise their dream of getting  quality education at nominal cost, SGRR PG College holds a unique place among HEIs of Uttarakhand due to its rich heritage and noble  philanthropic background.

Starting with only three subjects at UG level in Science Faculty in 1960, the college has come a long way in its journey of 62 years. Now the college is running UG/PG/Ph D programs in twelve subjects under the Faculty of  Arts and Faculty of Science , with students from as many as  twelve states enrolled in it.  

 As per the  Vision statement of the college, achieving excellence is one of our  thrust areas and the college has been constantly striving towards it .   Due to this , the college has been able to carve a niche for itself in the field of academic excellence, not only among the colleges of Uttarakhand state but even on the national level. The college has geared all its energies and resources towards developing a student centric teaching and learning environment in the campus. The performance of the college in its major thrust area, i.e. academic excellence, has established it as one of the premier HEIs of Uttarakhand.  More than 150   DST-INSPIRE students have taken admission in the college during last five years  alone, who have been the flag bearers of the  reputation of the college.

The college, situated amid peaceful, calm and lush green surroundings provides a perfect ambience for academic pursuits. Regular classes, completion of course in time, use of ICT in teaching/learning, encouragement for excellent performance and constant motivation to students to scale new heights in academics: these are the pivotal factors which have resulted in attaining bright academic results by the students of the college.

 Apart from academics, our  students have excelled in  co-curricular and extra curricular activities  also, winning prizes at state/ national level. The college aims to impart a holistic education to students whereby they are able to evolve  into responsible citizens and conscientious human beings.

 It is a unanimously accepted fact that  the  journey towards attaining excellence is a continuous, ongoing process. Hence our college also is engaged continuously in the process of quality enhancement  . The college is committed to attain excellence through a combination of self and external quality evaluation measures and by adopting several quality initiatives. While striving to attain its goals as manifested in its Perspective Plan and Mission Statement, the college has also ensured that its goals and objectives incorporate the five core values of NAAC  and they  are also  aligned with the New Education Policy 2020. NEP 2020 is the biggest path-breaking reform in the country post-Independence, as it is not only progressive and visionary, but is also addresses the emerging   education needs of the 21st century. It also aims to strengthen our languages, arts and culture. Our college has implemented NEP-2020 as per the guidelines of HNB university from 2022-23 session.

 I exhort all of you to join in this wonderful journey of exploration  of new frontiers of knowledge, welcoming new  ,positive ideas from all directions ,  so beautifully articulated in Rig Veda

आ नो भ॒द्राः क्रत॑वो यन्तु वि॒श्वतो   || ऋग्वेद   ||  ( 1.89.1 )

(Let noble thoughts come to us from all directions).