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The department of  Political Science was established in 1965 as U.G. department. It was upgraded to Post Graduate department in 2005 in Self – Finance Scheme.

Dr. B.M Khanna  was the first –Head of department. He worked up-to 1988 till his retirement. He rendered his services with full strength and dedication.

In 1989 Dr . Aruna Rani Mital  joined the Department. She retired in June 2019

1.   The Post is Vacant.   

Mr. Anil  is teaching (This is temporary arrangement)                                                

    Some students after passing the P.G. course are doing M.Ed.while some are preparing for NET, SLAT and civil services.Many students are working as teacher in schools in Nagaland and J&K. Some are doing jobs in police Department. Banks and private companies. 

1Sem 1-6View
B.A Sem-V Reading Gandhi (DSE)Anil9AM To 10AM
B.A Sem-IIIComparative Government and Politics DSCAnil1PM To 2PM
B.A Sem-IIIDemocratic Awareness with Legal Literacy Semester (SKILL)Anil1PM To 2PM
B.A Sem-VIGovernance: Issues and Challenges (GE-2)Anil9AM To 10AM
B.A Sem-VHuman Rights in a Comparative Perspective (Genric-1)Anil9AM To 10AM
B.A Sem-IIIndian Government and Politics Anil10AM To 11AM
B.A Sem-IVIntroduction to International Relations (DSC)Anil1PM To 2PM
B.A Sem-IIntroduction to Political TheoryAnil10AM To 11AM
B.A Sem-IVSkill PaperAnil1PM To 2PM
B.A Sem-VSkill Paper-IIAnil9AM To 10AM
B.A Sem-VISkill Paper-IIAnil9AM To 10AM
B.A Sem-VIWomen, Power and Politics (DSE-2)Anil9AM To 10AM
 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
2JournalPanchayati raj Institutions: Challenges and RemediesSamaj Vigyan Shodh Patrika 2018Peer ReviewedNationalMr. Anil
3JournalArticle 21: New Perspectives of Life and Personal LibertyNational research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences vol-5 2017Peer ReviewedNationalMr. Anil
1Book ChapterConstitutional Provisions for Environmental Protection in IndiaEnvironment: The Savior of Mankind 2017Any OtherNationalMr. Anil
4JournalSAARC: An OverviewNational Research Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 2016Peer RefereedNational JournalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
5JournalIndian Foriegn towards Pakistan during Janata Party Regime:Continiuty and ChangeInternational Journal of Multidiciplinary Research and DevelopmentRJIF-5.722016Peer RefereedInternational JournalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
6JournalNAM and Its Relevance TodayInternational Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research5.222016Peer RefereedInternational JournalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
7JournalPolitical Tumoil in Nepal: Monarchy to DemocracyInternational Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research 2016Peer RefereedInternational JournalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
8JournalIndo-Bangladesh Water Sharing IsssuesInternational Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research5.222016Peer RefereedInternational JournalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
9Book ChapterHuman Rights: Theroy and PracticeHuman Rights and GEnder Issues 2015Any OtherNationalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
10Book ChapterEnvironment Protection: Need of the DaySahitya Aur Pryavaran 2014Any OtherNationalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
11Book Chapter   2014Any OtherNationalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal
12Book ChapterConstitutional Provisions for Environmental Protection inIndiaEnvironment : The Saviour of Mankind 2014Any OtherNationalDr. Aruna Rani Mittal

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
2WebinarNational Level?????? - ??????? ???? ????? ??????:?? ???????? Mr. Anil-21-Jul-202021-Jul-2020
1WebinarNational Levelrole of e learning during lockdown and beyond : prospects and challengesMr. Anil 26-May-202026-May-2020
4ConferenceNational Level???? ?????? ??? ????? ????????????? ?? ?????? Dr. Aruna Rani MittalUOU, Uttarakhand14-Sep-201614-Sep-2016
3ConferenceNational LevelNew EducationPolicyDr. Aruna Rani MittalAIFUCTO/Tula's Institute ,Dehradun25-Jun-201626-Jun-2016

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
8ConferenceNational LevelRethinking Aurobindo and Indian Culture in 21st Century ProspectiveRelevance of Aurovindo's Nationalism To the Present Age of GlobalizationDr. Aruna Rani MittalICSSR/DAV(PG)College, Dehradun19-May-201820-May-2018
7ConferenceNational LevelStatus of Tribal Women in 21st CenturyTribal women in India :Effect of Develpment ProcessDr. Aruna Rani MittalNatioanl Commission fo Women,India/Libra Law College, Dehradun23-Mar-201824-Mar-2018
6ConferenceNational LevelWomen's Health in IndiaDeveloping Uttarakhand by Adressing Health Issues of WomenDr. Aruna Rani MittalICSSR/BSM Roorkee23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018
5ConferenceNational LevelEnvironment Ethics in Man-Nature Relationshipconstitutional Provisions for Environmental ProtectionDr. Aruna Rani MittalICHR/UCOST/DAV(PG) College,Dehradun18-Nov-201619-Nov-2016
4ConferenceNational LevelIndia :An Emerging PowerSARRC:Achievment and ImpedimentsDr. Aruna Rani MittalICSSR/UCOST/DAV(PG)College, Dehradun15-Mar-201516-Mar-2015
3ConferenceNational LevelHUman Rights Education: Issues and ChallengesHUman Rights : Theroy and PrcticesDr. Aruna Rani MittalUGC/DBS(PG) College, Dehradun21-Feb-201522-Feb-2015
2ConferenceNational LevelIndia's Foriegn Policy and RelationsIndian Fpreign Policy towards Pakistan during the Janata Party RegimeDr. Aruna Rani MittalICSSR/DAV(PG) College, Dehradun20-Jan-201521-Jan-2015
1ConferenceNational LevelHindi Sahitya me Pryavarniya Chetna Environment Protection:Need of the DayDr. Aruna Rani MittalUGC/DAV(PG) College, Dehradun07-Dec-201408-Dec-2014

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised

S.No.TypeLevelTitleFunding AgencyFrom DateTo Date
4SeminarNational LevelTeacher Education: Emerging Issues,trends and digonsisUGC24-Apr-201824-Apr-2018
3SeminarNational LevelWomen and Higher Education: Present Socio-economic Standpoint and Future ProspectsICSSR27-Mar-201828-Mar-2018
2SeminarNational LevelStatus of Tribal Women in 21st Century: Laws and Their ImplementationLibra ollege of Law, dehradun23-Mar-201824-Mar-2018
1SeminarNational LevelWomen's health in India:issues and ConcernsICSSR23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018
5ConferenceNational Level125th Birth Anniversary Of BR Ambedkar 26-Nov-201526-Nov-2015