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Sociology an under graduate department was established in 1965. Dr Asha Gupta was first Head of department .She  retired in 2004 . After rendering her services to the department ,at present there is one faculty in department Dr.Anuradha Verma( Assistant Professor and Head .)

The department of sociology is committed to teaching its students  graduate levels ,the basic grammer of social science within context of a general awareness of diverse national and international social realities and issues.

                Sociology is the contemporary and versatile branch of the social sciences .It is at once critical and constructive, conceptual and applied, theoretical and empirical. It is science that co-habits comfortably with literary flair, speculative sensibility, historical imagination and statistical rigor. It is incessantly reflexive about its methods, demanding about its research techniques and the standard of evidence.     

   There are 80 seats in  U.G. 

Placement Record

Placement of our students is remarkable many of them are working  in teaching, Bank, Police, LIC etc.

             Perspective plans ;

     Lectures of experts of sociology will be conducted in 2021 to 2026.

    Organize Socio-economics surveys of slums of Dehradun.

    Socio economic surveys of villages of Uttarakhand.

      Faculty will apply for the projects from ICSSR/U.G.C.

1course structure & program specific outcomeView
B.A Sem-IIntroduction to SociologyAnuradha verma12.00p.m To 1.00p.m
B.A Sem-VPolity & Society in India (G.E)Anuradha verma10.00a.m To 11.00 a.m
B.A Sem-VReligion & SocietyAnuradha verma10.00a.m To 11.00 a.m
B.A Sem-VSociety through the Visual (SEC)Anuradha verma10.00a.m To 11.00 a.m
B.A Sem-IIISociological TheoriesAnuradha verma2.00p.m To 3.00p.m
B.A Sem-IIITechniques of Social Research (SEC)Anuradha verma2.00p.m To 3.00p.m

Dr. Anuradha verma

Associate Professor
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Ph.D Research Scholar

 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
5Journal Paper title Psycho-Socio impact of Pandemic COVID -19 on Society Remarking An Analisation Scientific journal impact factor 6.12020Peer ReviewedInternationalDr. Anuradha verma
4BookBook Title Analytical Study Of the Problems & Aspirations of The Aged Persons Analytical Study Of the Problems &Aspirations of The Aged 2018Any OtherInternationalDr. Anuradha verma
3Journal Paoer Entitled Rigid Patiarchy Versus Depressed FeminismEducation At The Crossroads journal of education and humanities 2016Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Anuradha verma
2Journal paper entitled Domestic Violence and Honour Based KillingEdu Care Journal of Education and Humanities 2014Peer ReviewedInternational JournalDr. Anuradha verma
1Journalpaper entitled Problems of The Aged PersonInternational Transactions in Humanities and Social Sciences -2011Any OtherNational JournalDr. Anuradha verma

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
3SeminarNational LevelEnhancing Research Culture in Instututions of Higher Education Dr. Anuradha vermaIQAC of S.G.R.R (p.g) college Dehradun13-May-201413-May-2014
2SeminarNational Level Equality and Social Justice in 21 CenturyDr. Anuradha verma D.B.S College Dehradun06-Mar-201306-Mar-2013
1SeminarNational LevelWomen EmpowermentDr. Anuradha verma S.G.R.R (P.G) College Dehradun18-Jan-201318-Jan-2013

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
19SeminarInternational LevelIndian Culture And Its Global InfluenceSignificance of Doctorine KarmaDr. Anuradha vermaDept.of History , Kumaun University , S.S.J Campus ,Almora30-Mar-201931-Mar-2019
20SeminarNational LevelHistory and Literature aspects of Convergence and DivergenceHistory & Literature :Aspects of Convergence & DivergenceDr. Anuradha vermaDept.of English &History S.G.R.R(P.G) College Dehradun26-Mar-201926-Mar-2019
18SeminarNational LevelTeachers education emerging issues ;trends and diagnosisRole of society to development the value of human beingsDr. Anuradha verma Uttaranchal college of education Sewla Khurd,Dehradun.24-Apr-201824-Apr-2018
17ConferenceInternational LevelHospitality and Tourism IndustryRole Of Indian Women in TourismDr. Anuradha vermaSchool Of Hotel Management and Hospitality in Graphic Era University20-Jan-201721-Jan-2017
16ConferenceInternational LevelMagic 16 Methods,Aesthetics,and Genere in CommunicationFuture Of Online TeachingDr. Anuradha vermaHigher Learning Research Communications10-Nov-201611-Nov-2016
14SeminarNational LevelManrega Dwara Grameen Vikas -Nyi Chunautiya Aur Smadhaan Manrega Dwara Grameen Vikas -Nyi Chunautiya Aur SmadhaanDr. Anuradha vermaPolitical Department B.S.M College Roorkee17-Sep-201617-Sep-2016
15SeminarNational LevelNew Education Policy - Issues and Concerns New Education Policy-Issues and ConcernsDr. Anuradha vermaFederation Of Uttranchal University College Teachers Associations25-Jun-201626-Jun-2016
13SeminarNational LevelAn Emerging Power Continuty and Change in Foreign Policy Social Relation In ChinaDr. Anuradha vermaDepartment of History D.A.V (P.G) College Dehradun15-Mar-201616-Mar-2016
12SeminarNational LevelValue Ethics and Social Responsibilities Social Value -A ConceptDr. Anuradha verma S.M.J.N (P.G) College Haridwar28-Feb-201629-Feb-2016
11ConferenceNational LevelSociety and Sustainable Development in Himalayan States; Perspective problems and prospectusProblems and Development in Himalayan States Dr. Anuradha verma Department of Sociology D.A.V (p.g) College Dehradun25-Feb-201626-Feb-2016
10SeminarNational LevelRole Of IQAC In Enhancing Quality of Teaching and Evaluation Process Role Of IQAC in Enhancing Quality of Teaching and Evaluation Process Dr. Anuradha vermaIQAC S.G.R.R (P.G) College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
9SeminarNational LevelDevelopment and Ecological Changes-A need of ParadigmEcological Development and Impact Of Ecology Dr. Anuradha vermaDepartment of Sociology Dr.P.D.B.H Govt (P.G) College Kotdwarar21-Mar-201522-Mar-2015
8SeminarNational LevelWomen Empowerment through Panchayati Raj Issue and ChallengesWomen Empowerment Through Panchayti Raj ChallengesDr. Anuradha verma Department of Social science UOU13-Mar-201514-Mar-2015
6SeminarInternational LevelMother In Indian CultureMother as a Symbol Of Devotion Role Of Mother in Indian CultureDr. Anuradha vermaDepartment of History Kumaun University S.S.J Campus Almora 15-Feb-201516-Feb-2015
5ConferenceInternational LevelMethods ,Aesthetics & Generies in Communication Communication and Society ; An over viewDr. Anuradha vermaCentre for professional Communication, University of Petroleum and Energy studies.04-Apr-201405-Apr-2014
4SeminarInternational Level Cultural Messenger Of India Social Reformers and SaintsDr. Anuradha verma Dept.of Indian Culture and Tourism in Dev Sanskrit Vishvidhyalaya Shantikunj Haridwar29-Mar-201430-Mar-2014
7SeminarNational LevelHuman Rights Education Issues And ChallengesWomen Empowerment Through Panchayti Raj -ChallengesDr. Anuradha vermaDepartment of Social Science UOU 13-Mar-201414-Mar-2014
3SeminarNational Level Managerial Excellence and Human Rights Human Rights and Women workers Dr. Anuradha verma Commerce department S.M.J.N (P.G) College Haridwar27-Jan-201328-Jan-2013
2SeminarNational Level The Dalit Contemplation in Contemperory Society And LiteratureComparative study of past and present conditions of DalitsDr. Anuradha vermadepartment of sociology and hindi vidhyavti mukund mahila mahavidhayalya Ghaziabad14-Sep-201215-Sep-2012
1SeminarNational Level Feminism Myth And Reality Feminism Myth And RealityDr. Anuradha verma S.M.J.N (P.G) College Haridwar05-Jun-201106-Jun-2011

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised