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Department of Zoology was established in the year 1965 with Undergraduate (U.G) Course. It was upgraded in the year 2005 to 2018 for Postgraduate (P.G) studies under self finance scheme providing specialization in Fish and Fisheries. Till now department has completed two major research projects. Department has organized one workshop on  11 May 2014 in Collaboration with a NGO Bughadi Foundation and A one Day Sensitization Programme on (Inter-Generational Bonding) in collaboration with National Institute of Social Defense, Ministry of Social Justice and Environment Gov of India on 27 September 2019. At present there are two faculties in the Department: Dr. Manoj Kumar Purohit (Assistant Professor and Head) &, Mrs. Shweta Singh (Assistant Professor). There were total 10 seats in Masters Course in Zoology (Fish and Fisheries). Our 02 students got 2 and 3 rank at university level in the year 2010-11. One student had qualified GATE. Two students qualified UGC –CSIR NET in Session 2016-17 and 2017-18 respectively while three students qualified HNB Garhwal Central University Ph.D. Entrance examination. Some are pursuing career in Research field. We are having a rich Departmental library including 215 books and subscription of 02 Journals. . There are three laboratories and a museum in the Department. We are practicing mentoring system; teachers as well as senior students guide their juniors. Our students are actively involved in co-curricular activities. Till now we have completed two major research projects funded by DST (2009-2012) and UGC (2010-2013) and submitted some other research projects for financial assistance to different funding agencies.

B.Sc Sem-VAnimal Behavior and EcologyM.K. Purohit2:10 pm To 3:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-VAnimal Behavior and EcologyShweta Singh2:10 pm To 3:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-IAnimal Diversity - Section DShweta Singh10:10 am To 11:10 am
B.Sc Sem-IAnimal Diversity - Section DM.K. Purohit10:10 am To 11:10 am
B.Sc Sem-IAnimal Diversity - Section EShweta Singh12:10 pm To 1:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-IAnimal Diversity - Section EM.K. Purohit12:10 pm To 1:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-IIIApicultureShweta Singh11:10am To 12:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-VApicultureM.K. Purohit2:10 pm To 3:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-ILab Course Animal Diversity Section - E & DM.K. Purohit1:10 pm To 3:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-ILab Course Animal Diversity Section E & DShweta Singh1:10 pm To 3:10 pm
B.Sc Sem-IIILab Course -Physiology and BiochemistryShweta Singh3:00 pm To 5:00 pm
B.Sc Sem-VLab Course, Animal Behavior and EcologyM.K. Purohit9:00 am To 11:00 am
B.Sc Sem-VLab Course, Animal Behavior and EcologyShweta Singh9:00 am To 11:00 am
B.Sc Sem-IIIPhysiology and BiochemistryShweta Singh2:10 To 4:10
B.Sc Sem-IIIPhysiology and BiochemistryM.K. Purohit2:10 To 4:10

Dr. M.K. Purohit

Associate Professor & HOD
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Dr. Shweta Singh

Assistant Professor
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Mr. Sandeep Joshi

Animal Catcher (PRD)

Ph.D Research Scholar

 TypePaper/Book TitleName of Journal/Book Year  By
9Journal Effect of Cannabis sativa on Spermatogenesis of male Albino Rats Universities Journals of Phytochemistry & Ayurvedic Heights 2021Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
7JournalAnti - Implantation Effect of Abrus precatorius (Seed) in Female Albino RatsJ.Env.Bio - Sci. Vol.33(2 ; 321-323) 2019Peer ReviewedNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
6JournalAbundance of Two Gill parasites (monogenean) in a Single host, Labeo rohita (Hamp) of Different Length Groups in Doon Velly J. Exp. Zool.Ind, Vol 21, no. 2, Page No. 1191 - 1194 2018UGC Listed JournalNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
4JournalThreats to BiodiversityCheetal vol - 53 2016Any OtherNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
3JournalBreeding in CaptivityCheetal vol - 51 2014Any OtherNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
8JournalCommunication Among AnimalsCheetal Vol- 50, No.- 1, Page No. 55-56 2012Any OtherNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
2Journalovarian F- prostaglandins Induce the Sexual Behaviour of Conspecific male Barelius bendelisisAdvances in Fish Research, Vol -4  2006Any OtherNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit
5Book ChapterProspective Fishes Development & Management in Uttaranchal StateCentral Himalaya Environment & Development, vol - 1, pages 122- 129 2005Any OtherNationalDr. M.K. Purohit
1JournalPriming Response in Male Schizothorax ricdardsonii (Gray) to the ovarian steroid glucornides & heterospecific female.Indian Journal of Animal Science 2004Any OtherNational JournalDr. M.K. Purohit

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Attended)

 CategoryTypeTopicByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
13ConferenceNational LevelSocio- Economic Development of Uttarakhand ; Vision 2040Dr. M.K. PurohitCentre for Public Oolicy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun27-Sep-201927-Sep-2019
12WorkshopNational LevelFoldscope; The MicrocosmosDr. M.K. PurohitGovt PG College Uttarkashi, & Dolphin Institute Dehradun08-Feb-201908-Feb-2019
10WorkshopState LevelAtomic EnergyDr. M.K. PurohitGEHU, Dehradun13-Nov-201815-Nov-2018
8WorkshopState LevelWorkshop on Content Development for Classroom Teaching of Science and Maths through Innovative PracticesDr. M.K. PurohitSCERT, Uttarakhand Dehradun, Uttarakhand22-Jan-201823-Jan-2018
9WorkshopState LevelConnecting Science with Practice and Policy for Resilience Towards Climate Change Risks in UttarakhandDr. M.K. PurohitCentral Himalayan Environment Association, CHEA Nanital27-Jun-201727-Jun-2017
36WorkshopState LevelRelevance of Scientific Activities in Contemporary SocietyDr. M.K. PurohitDoon Science Forum & Azim Prem Ji Foundation14-May-201714-May-2017
35SeminarState LevelPrevention of Drug Abuse Among YouthDr. M.K. PurohitDoon University Dehradun24-Mar-201724-Mar-2017
15SeminarState LevelModern Trends in Applied Plant BiologyDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun03-Dec-201603-Dec-2016
16SeminarNational LevelRole of Uttarakhand Open University on Higher EducationDr. M.K. PurohitUttarakhand Open University Haldwani14-Sep-201614-Sep-2016
14WorkshopState LevelWorkshop on Decision Making Using Energy ScienceDr. M.K. PurohitSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun12-Sep-201612-Sep-2016
7WorkshopState LevelUnderstanding self to face the Future ChallengesDr. M.K. PurohitDoon University, Dehradun29-Aug-201631-Aug-2016
20SeminarNational LevelNew Education policy ; Issues & ConcernDr. M.K. PurohitFederation of Uttaranchal University College Teachers Association 25-Jun-201626-Jun-2016
21SeminarState LevelIllegal Track in WildlifeDr. M.K. PurohitDolphin (PG) Institute Dehradun03-Jun-201603-Jun-2016
22WorkshopState LevelState Science Festival 2015Dr. M.K. PurohitSCERT Uttarakhand06-Dec-201509-Dec-2015
32ConferenceNational LevelWomen in Science - Leadership & BeyondDr. M.K. PurohitScience outreach India & SGRR (PG) College Dehradun24-May-201524-May-2015
33ConferenceNational Level Dr. M.K. PurohitGraphic Era University Dehradun15-May-201516-May-2015
31WorkshopState Level Stress ManagementDr. M.K. PurohitIQAC SGRR (PG) College Dehradun16-Apr-201516-Apr-2015
30WorkshopState LevelSolid Waste & Bio - Medical Waste ManagementDr. M.K. PurohitPollution Control Board of Uttarakhand27-Mar-201527-Mar-2015
29WorkshopState LevelFormulation & Submission of Proposals for Resarch ProjectsDr. M.K. PurohitIQAC of SGRR (PG) College Dehradun06-Feb-201506-Feb-2015
17ConferenceInternational LevelOur Genrs & Genomes - past, present & FutureDr. M.K. PurohitHNB Uttarakhand Medical Univty, CARDIFF University UK,UCOST, & SDSUU04-Feb-201504-Feb-2015
18SeminarState LevelPhytochemistry & Ayurveda ; Potential & ProspectsDr. M.K. PurohitHNB UK Med. Edu. University Dehradun24-Dec-201424-Dec-2014
6WorkshopState LevelRole of Biotechnology in Promoting Mountain farming on the Ocassion of International Mountain Day 2014Dr. M.K. PurohitUSERC- and USBP , Uttarakhand11-Dec-201411-Dec-2014
5WorkshopNational LevelCurrent and Future Scenario of Plant Tissue Culture Genomics and BioinformaticsDr. M.K. PurohitSGRRITS, Dehradun, Uttarakhand28-Nov-201429-Nov-2014
4WorkshopNational LevelScientific Paper Writing and Technological Empowerment of WomenDr. M.K. PurohitNational academy of Sciences (NAASI) and UCOST, Dehradun17-Jun-201418-Jun-2014
19SeminarState LevelRetrospect & Prospects of Natural Resources & Disaster Management in Uttarakhand HimalayaDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun10-Apr-201411-Apr-2014
3WorkshopState LevelTraining Workshop on Instruments Maintenance and Safety in laborataryDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Chemistry and Zoology, DAV.(PG) College dehradun30-Sep-201230-Sep-2012
23SeminarNational LevelEcology & Culture in UttarakhandDr. M.K. PurohitUGC- ASC Kumaun University Naiital16-Jul-201116-Jul-2011
2WorkshopState LevelWater Quality Training Workshop for Water ManagersDr. M.K. PurohitWTI, DST, Gov of India and UCOST Dehradun24-May-201124-May-2011
26SeminarState LevelCurrent Trends in Pharmaceutical & BiopharmaceuticalDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Biotechnology,Graphic Era University Dehradun23-May-201123-May-2011
24SeminarInternational LevelRecent Advances in Neuroscience ResearchDr. M.K. PurohitShri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences29-Nov-201030-Nov-2010
37ConferenceState Level5th Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology Congress Dr. M.K. PurohitUCOST & Doon University Dehradun10-Nov-201012-Nov-2010
27SeminarState LevelIntellectual Property & Innovation Management in Knowledge EraDr. M.K. PurohitNational Research Development Corporation & U- COST12-Aug-201013-Aug-2010
25SeminarNational LevelEnvironment Quality Assessment & MonitoringDr. M.K. PurohitGraphic Era University Dehradun05-Jun-201005-Jun-2010
1WorkshopNational LevelFisheries Conservation and Enhancement in Northern Hill StatesDr. M.K. PurohitNBFGR, Lucknow, Uttar pradesh, Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation Society Lucknow09-Mar-201010-Mar-2010
28ConferenceNational LevelRecent Trends in the Advancement of Astronomy & Applied MathematicsDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Mathematics, SGRR(PG) College Dehradun14-Nov-200915-Nov-2009
11ConferenceNational LevelRecent Advances in Vector Biology& ControlDr. M.K. PurohitDAV (PG) College Dehradun03-Dec-200804-Dec-2008
34WorkshopNational LevelEnvironment & Birds, Biannual Conference of the Ornithological Society of IndiaDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Zoology, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar14-Nov-199516-Nov-1995

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops (Presented Paper)

 CategoryTypeTopicTitle of PaperByOrganized byFrom DateTo Date
26WebinarNational LevelCovid-19 Human Resource Migration;Issues & Challenges Job Opportunities in Fisheries for Migrant Workers in UttarakhandDr. M.K. PurohitCentre for Public Policy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun26-Jun-202026-Jun-2020
27ConferenceInternational LevelContemporary Issues of Climate Change, Conservation of Biodiversity & Natural Resources in Himalayan EnvironmentsClimate Change on Faunal Diversity ; Effective ResponsesDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Zoology,Govt PG College New Tehri, Garhwal14-Nov-201916-Nov-2019
28ConferenceNational LevelInnovative Management Practicesfor Rural DevelopmentEco - Tourism ; A Tool of Sustainable DevelopmentDr. M.K. PurohitSchool of Managemrnt, Doon University Dehradun25-May-201925-May-2019
25ConferenceNational LevelEmerging Trends & Future Challenges in Science (ETFCS- 2019)Traditional Methods of Fishing in Uttarakhand; Impacts & DrawbacksDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt. of Chemistry, SGRR (PG) College Dehradun27-Feb-201928-Feb-2019
22ConferenceNational LevelBhartiya Gyan Sampada & Nav ChatenaMedical Science in Ancient & Medieval IndiaDr. M.K. PurohitDev Bhoomi Vichar Munch & SDSUttarakhand University16-Feb-201916-Feb-2019
29ConferenceNational LevelVision Uttarakhand; 2040, Agenda for Socio- Economic DevelopmentSustainable Development ; An Approach to Protect the EnvironmentDr. M.K. PurohitCentre for Public Oolicy (CPP), Doon University Dehradun15-Feb-201916-Feb-2019
20ConferenceNational LevelHolistic Approach Towards Quality Enhancement in Higher EducationImpact of Effective Teaching & Technology in Higher EducationDr. M.K. PurohitPt. L.M.S.Govt. P.G. College Rishikesh29-Jan-201930-Jan-2019
21ConferenceNational Level Status of Upcoming Trends in Biodiversity ConservationEffect of Climate Change on Aquatic BiodiversityDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt. of Botany, Chaman Lal Mahavidyalaya, Landhaura, Hariwar06-Jan-201906-Jan-2019
23ConferenceNational LevelMultidisciplinary Approaches of Plant SciencesIchthyotoxic Plants & Local Fishing in Uttarakhand (Garhwal Himalaya))Dr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Botany, Dolphin PG Institute Dehradun29-Oct-201831-Oct-2018
24ConferenceNational Level11th National Conference of Medical Arthropodology on Vector Born & Zoonotic DiseasesLarvivorous Fishes in Control of Vector - Borne DiseasesDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Zoology, DAV (PG) College Dehradun & SOMA Hyderabad26-Oct-201827-Oct-2018
13ConferenceInternational LevelEnvironmental Nanotechnology for Socio- Economic Development of IndiaRelevance of Nanotechnology in PiscicultureDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Chemistry & Civil Engineering, DIT University Dehradun28-Sep-201829-Sep-2018
14ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Research in Environment & Biosciences; Current Scenerio & Future perspectiveseClimate Change & its Effect on Human HealthDr. M.K. Purohit 23-Jun-201824-Jun-2018
16ConferenceNational LevelPerspective in Natural & Applied Sciences (PANS 2018)Environmental Sustainability; Concerns and SolutionsDr. M.K. PurohitUttaranchal (PG) College of Bio - Medical Sciences & Hospital09-Mar-201810-Mar-2018
12ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Womens Health in India; Issues & ConcernsEco Toilets ; A Sustainable Sanitation Approach for WomensDr. M.K. Purohit 23-Feb-201824-Feb-2018
17ConferenceInternational LevelThe Himalayan Challenge; Towards Interdisciplinary Dialogues for sustainability & DevelopmentHimalaya Biodiversity ; Use and ConservationDr. M.K. Purohit 29-Nov-201701-Dec-2017
8ConferenceNational LevelHaryana Swarna Jayanti National SeminarSolid Wasre Management; An Approach to Swachhta AbhiyanDr. M.K. PurohitNSS Unit, Rajive Gandhi Govt. College Saha (Amabla)25-Oct-201725-Oct-2017
7ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on History of Mathematical SciencesData Analysis ; A Statitical Tool In Biological ResearchDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Mathematics, SGRR (PG)College Dehradun05-Oct-201707-Oct-2017
18ConferenceNational LevelGoods & Services Tax (GST) and Economic GrowthRole of Technology Heads in Goods & Service Tax (GST) ComplianceDr. M.K. PurohitSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun28-Sep-201728-Sep-2017
19ConferenceNational LevelGoods & Services Tax (GST) and Economic GrowthRole of Technology Heads in Goods & Service Tax (GST) ComplianceDr. M.K. PurohitSchool of Management, Doon University Dehradun28-Sep-201728-Sep-2017
11ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Decolonization of Indian MindsAffect of British Regime on Economy & Biodiversity of UttarakhandDr. M.K. PurohitDev Bhumi Vichar Manch, Phonics Group of Institutes & Doon University Dehradun 23-Sep-201723-Sep-2017
10ConferenceInternational LevelFolk - Lore And Indian CultureImpact of Climate Change on Culture; Understanding the Human DemenesionsDr. M.K. Purohit 26-Mar-201727-Mar-2017
9ConferenceInternational LevelInner & Outer Climate & The Quest for Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental Changes & Aquatic Life Special Reference to FishesDr. M.K. PurohitUnity in Duality, Terab institute International & Doon Library and Research Centre, Dehradun24-Mar-201726-Mar-2017
30ConferenceInternational LevelSustainable Development ; Challenges & StrategiesTerrace Farming ; An Asset for Future ScenarioDr. M.K. PurohitDeptt of Economics, GPG college Gopeshwar & IEA 21-Oct-201622-Oct-2017
33SeminarNational LevelEnvironmental Health Vis a Vis Human Welfare in Present ScenarioWater Pollution & its Impact on the Growth & Mortality of Freshwater Fishes in Doon Valley, UttarakhandDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Zoology DAV(PG) College Dehradun18-Apr-201619-Apr-2016
3ConferenceNational LevelAdvances in Zoology and Applied SciencesAquaculture in Dehradun:Present and FutureDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Zoology, Dolphin PG College, Dehradun and UCOST07-Apr-201608-Apr-2016
32ConferenceNational LevelRole of IQAC in Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation ProcessInvolving Students in Quality EnhancementDr. M.K. PurohitIQAC, SGRR PG College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
41SeminarNational LevelRole of IQAC in Enhancing Quality of Teaching, Learning & Evaluation ProcessInvolving Students in Quality EnhancementDr. M.K. PurohitIQAC _ NAAC, SGRR (PG) College Dehradun09-Oct-201510-Oct-2015
31SeminarNational LevelCurrent Challenges of BiodiversityFree Steroid Fraction act as a Primer Pheromone in fish snod trout Schizothoras richardsonii (Gray)Dr. M.K. PurohitUttaranchal (PG) College of Technology & Bio - Medical Sciences28-Feb-201428-Feb-2014
40ConferenceState Level8th UCOSTCongressEffect of Herbal Preparation Containing Albizzaamnoa & Carica seeds on male reproductive system on Albino ratsDr. M.K. PurohitUCOST, & Doon University Dehradun26-Dec-201328-Dec-2013
1SeminarState LevelWomen EmpowermentRole of Education in Women EmpowermentDr. M.K. PurohitIntellectual Founadtion18-Jan-201318-Jan-2013
39ConferenceNational LevelNew Horizons in Pharmaceutical & Biomadical SciencesStudies of Food & Feeding Inrerrelationship of Mystus seenghala with Difference to Growth From Hill Stream in Doon Valley UttarakhabdDr. M.K. PurohitSheetal Life Sciences & Society of Environment, Health & Biotech12-Jan-201313-Jan-2013
2ConferenceState Level7th Uttarkhand State Science and Technology CongressAnti Spermatogenic Effect of Vinca rosea leaf on Male Albino ratDr. M.K. PurohitUCOST21-Nov-201223-Nov-2012
38ConferenceNational LevelNational Symposium Chemical Signalling System in Snow trout Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Dr. M.K. PurohitGurukula Kangri University Haridwar02-Nov-201203-Nov-2012
37ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Biodiversity vis- a - vis Environment Degradation in Hilly TerrainsDiversity & Conservation of Fish Resources of Jhilmil Tal Conservation Reserve Uttarakhand, IndiaDr. M.K. PurohitDBS (PG) College Dehradun15-May-201116-May-2011
36ConferenceNational LevelNew Innovations in Parasitological Researchpheromones & Communication in fish Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Dr. M.K. PurohitDAV (PG) College Dehradun29-Mar-201130-Mar-2011
35SeminarNational Level5th Uttarakhand State Council for Science & Technology Congress Himalayan Antifertility Plants for Use in Family Planning Dr. M.K. PurohitUCOST & Doon University Dehradun10-Nov-201012-Nov-2010
5ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Advances in Biotechnology & its role in Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation & Fisheriesimpact of River Valley Project of Fish Fauna of Garhwal Himalaya , IndiaDr. M.K. PurohitRCU GPG College Uttarakashi, Uttarakhand17-Mar-201018-Mar-2010
6ConferenceNational LevelNational Conference on Advances in Biotechnology & its role in Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation & FisheriesSex Pheromones of Female Barellius bendelisis Involved in Courtship Behaviour.Dr. M.K. PurohitRCU GPG College Uttarakashi, Uttarakhand17-Mar-201018-Mar-2010
4ConferenceNational LevelNational Seminar on Central Himalaya Environment DevelopmentDeterminant impacts River Bhagirathi Blockage at Tehri Obligate riverian fish speciesDr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of geography,HNBGU Srinagar23-Oct-200225-Oct-2002
34SeminarNational LevelNational Symposium on Aquatic Biodiversity & Emerging Trends in Fresh Water BiologyOvarian Steroids Induce Sexual Behaviour in male Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Dr. M.K. PurohitDepartment of Zoology, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar22-Oct-199924-Oct-1999
15ConferenceNational LevelNational Symposium on BehaviourPheromonal Control of Reproductive Behaviour in Himalayan Trout, Schizothorax richardsonii (Gray)Dr. M.K. PurohitDeptt. of Zoology, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur28-Dec-199630-Dec-1996

Workshops / Conferences / Seminars Organised

S.No.TypeLevelTitleFunding AgencyFrom DateTo Date
2WorkshopNational LevelInter- Generational BondingNational Institute of Social Defense, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, 27-Sep-201927-Sep-2019
1WorkshopNational LevelWorld Migratory Bird Day 2014Bughadi Foundation (NGO)11-May-201411-May-2014
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